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Essential Equipment for a Wedding Photographer

Weddings are colorful ceremonies that one ought not to miss details about. To the bride and groom, the day or weeks extravaganzas mark the start of their life together and every moment and emotion has to be perfectly covered as it will go down their memory and the day has to be vividly remembered by viewing the photographs that marked the day.

We spoke to Yorkshire Wedding photographer Catherine from Eye Capture photography who was kind enough to help put together our list of essential equipment for a wedding photographer.

Vital photographer’s equipment

A photographer is no photographer without a camera, they need a quality camera that captures every detail, clearly capture every person’s and distinguishes them well and the emotions surrounding the glorious occasion a full frame 5D or a 5D Mark II will do this for you, and your clients will adore your work, however, you don’t have to rely on one camera for the occasion, accidents happen to be sure to have a backup camera which doesn’t need to be the latest model, only needs to play the role well when the need arises.
Quality lenses, different lenses give different views and sizes of the image, some give too detailed, this could be used to capture that broad smile of the couple, and to concentrate on their face, some are best suited for portrait photography of different sizes, others capture well at different times of the day, be sure to carry every one of them for various sessions or one that can do all that at a go, but remember to carry more than one. Examples of the lenses: Canon 35 1/1.4, 50 f/1.4, 85 f/1.8

Ensure you have enough memory cards to cover the whole event, this could be so embarrassing for a Yorkshire photographer or any other professional photographer, don’t let it get to that.

You require flash and video light in case of shooting in dark places, remember the quality of your photograph is your selling mark; hence you always have to enhance and ensure it stands out.

More essentially, have spare batteries for your cameras and flash, you need not risk by relying on the one pair, you also know the duration you will be at work so make sure you have enough for your task.

At times the weather isn’t so much conducive at the D-day, it could be chilly, snowing or even raining despite the weather, every moment has to be well captured, and you however have to consider the safety of your accessories too. A micro fiber towel is essential on such days while a rocket blower is essential for the dusty and windy day. Protect your accessories for the job doesn’t end with the wedding you are shooting and if it does you still have to give them quality photos. The Yorkshire wedding photographer always has to stand out.

All said you require a bag that is comfortable to carry around and also good enough to fit all your accessories well.

Here’s How to Capture the Wonderful Magic Moments of Your Wedding

Modern Wedding Photographers understand that marriage is the most important part of a person’s life and everyone wants to capture that beginning of their romantic lives so that they can stare at them and remember those good old memories anytime they want, but are they really sure that their wedding photographs will be really mesmerizing ?

The most wonderful part of wedding photographs is the togetherness of the lovely bride and groom captured with a big smile in them. Even after several months of the wedding, the desire to see that wonderful couple together again just don’t go off from family members and friends’ minds. So for that purpose, a complete album only filled with the pictures of the groom and bride should exist.

Such fun is only limited to family members and friends only, what about the wonderful wedding couple? To make them more energetic in their wedding party some wonderful and random pictures of their family and friends should also be clicked.

The third type of photographs should be a picture of complete family and friends get together along with the bride and groom. Even when all such pictures are clicked, it makes us sad to see them if those wonderful magic moments are blurry and unclear. Therefore, for getting breathtaking wedding photographs, only a professional team of photographers should be hired and perfect lenses should be used to for getting the proper colour depth which is the most difficult thing to get in functions like weddings due to bright lights and hustle-bustle of people.

After this the photographs goes through the post-processing process which mainly includes the editing of three types:

  • Clean: Very less edited to give a natural look
  • Matte: A low contrast looks to give the vintage look
  • High Contrast: Filled with rich and bright colours to give always give a young look

At the end, the photographs are published and are stored in the form of albums and frames to always keep those wonderful memories alive. Large landscape frames of the family get together with groom and bride in between is a trend among many people and such photographs are hung on the living room walls to glorify their beauty.

This was the way to capture and store the wonderful magic moments of your wedding and a good photographer like from the team of Modern Wedding Photographers always takes care of all such aspects.