14 Colored wedding Gowns and their meanings

Brides Are Getting bold nowadays using their choice of Wedding gown, with lots of ditching the classic white for different colours.


But these colours are very symbolic rather than just a style Statements because each of these has various meanings attached to them.


Before You Begin shopping for your coloured wedding dress or Your own Aso-Ebi, ensure to understand the actual meaning behind the colour.


One of our favourite photographers Ann Lewis from Ann Lewis Photography has shared a few words explaining the significance of these wedding gown colours:


  1. White: White stands for purity, cleanliness and innocence. Additionally, it is a sign of a fresh start. White may also signify a desire for simplicity or an easy life. For older adults, it may mean recapturing lost childhood. Other character traits white can signify are honesty, stubbornness, severity and shyness.


  1. Ivory: Also called ‘off white, ” Ivory has equal significance as white wedding dresses. In any case, it’s extremely traditional. But some believe the ivory to be the sign of the corrupt innocence. This is an old fashioned opinion, and the modern brides opt for ivory because it flatters them even better.

A bride wearing a white wedding dress while leaning against a table.


  1. Yellow: This colour is related to intellect, joy and intellectual energy. Yellow is also an incredibly original colour and preferred by people seeking self-fulfillment and experience. Individuals with great senses of humour frequently tend towards yellow. Other personality traits yellowish can signifies curiosity, consciousness, and people that are focused and driven. Light yellow symbolises wisdom, freshness and joy, while dull yellowish stands for warning, illness and decay.


  1. Orange: That is one colour that’s fantastic for spicing up things and raising creativity. The Orange allure to flamboyant and fun-loving folks, and also reflects joyfulness, excitement and optimism. Individuals who like orange are usually good-natured and hot, but could also be loud and spontaneous. Orange may also represent childhood, strength and energy.

A bride wearing a veil and a white dress.


  1. Red: That is the colour of health, strength, and energy. Red may also be emblematic of a high excitement or curiosity, confidence to pursue your dreams, and may symbolise energy and enthusiasm. Red is a colour that’s typically selected by someone outgoing, competitive, vigorous and spontaneous. Individuals who adore red are also frequently optimistic and open-natured. Red-orange means desire, sexual passion, enjoyment, and a thirst for activity. Dark reddish symbolises longing, courage, willpower, vigour. Light red stands for love, sexuality, pleasure, passion, sensitivity.


  1. Pink: Pink is a sign of beauty and love, and additionally, it embodies the gentler attributes of crimson. It’s a blissful colour, and may also represent a humorous or quirky character. Individuals who are inclined towards pink frequently require affection and want to feel secure and loved. Pink also represents personalities which are charming, artistic and gentle.


  1. Purple: Individuals who prefer purple are often unconventional and prone to attain positions of power. Purple is also the colour of royalty and may symbolise magic, puzzle, creativity and potency. Individuals who enjoy purple are people who are inclined to be witty, sensitive, artistic, intuitive, tolerant and dignified. But, light purple evokes nostalgic and romantic feelings.


  1. Blue: Blue dresses can signify youth, spirituality, tranquillity and calmness. Also, it can represent individuals people who are tender, compassionate and affectionate. Personalities that like gloomy are loyal, yet can often fret a lot and be over-cautious. Blue may also reflect a sensitive and emotional character, also may be a symptom of endurance and patience. Light blue means health, healing, tranquillity, understanding, and softness. Aqua is associated with emotional healing, security empathy, and motivation. Dark blue means knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.


  1. Green: That is a colour of harmony and equilibrium. Green may also reflect a new state of balance and hope, peace and renewal. Individuals who prefer green are relaxed, compassionate and loyal and may tend to be very frank, social and small. Green may also represent a tasteful character, and people that are creative, unique and flexible. Dark green is associated with ambition, greed, and cash. Yellow-green can indicate illness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy. Olive green is the traditional colour of peace.


  1. Brown: That can be a reassuring, strong and earthy colour. Additionally, it may symbolise order, conference, endurance and patience. Brown personalities are ordinarily not spontaneous, they’re stable, conservative, and are usually kind and reliable. Brown is also a strong colour which reflects maturity, stability, and will create a relationship with the natural ground. Reddish brown is related to harvest.

A bride wearing a white dress next to a car.


  1. Grey: Here is the colour of care and compromise. Grey may also symbolise adulthood, safety, and a neutral, non-toxic feeling. Grey represents characters searching for composure, calmness along with a willingness to honour. Additionally, it lessens the extreme energy of some other colour and can be chosen by people controlling their personalities.


  1. Dark: Black is classic, fashionable and sophisticated colour. Additionally, it may be impressive with no flamboyant. Individuals who prefer black might also wish to provide the look of a puzzle and may also be commanding, perfectionists and dominant. Black is a dignified colour but can also suppress appetite, indicating inner longings.


  1. Gold: This colour is a sign of wealth and also representative of great health. Gold may also symbolise comfort and pleasure of existence, and may be like yellowish in symbolising brightness and cheerfulness, but is it sombre and conventional. Individuals who enjoy gold also tend to be extravagant, sensible and strong.


  1. Silver: That is a sleek dress, glamorous, contemporary and Rich colour. It may also produce a soothing and serene effect. Moreover, Silver Additionally helps speech and public speaking and enriches endurance and patience. Silver Symbolizes organisation and responsibility and can indicate Character, earth and also a distinguished personality.

Using your smartphone to record a wedding.

It can be tricky to determine whether to allow social networking at your wedding — in actuality, it might have even caused a marriage argument or two! Whatever you decide, however, if you don’t go full on Mariah and confiscate your guests’ phones upon arrival, you will want to accept your guests will be snapping pics of you in their telephones.

Why don’t you share this manual with them to ensure that the images that will look at some stage surface on social websites would be the best they are?

Online smartphone merchant Mobiles.co.uk found that over three quarters’ of guests prefer to take pictures on their phone in a wedding, and on average every guest catches 28 snaps of the happy couple. We invited them to offer up their top suggestions on how best to take amazing wedding photos by using a smart phone.

Understanding your smart phones Camera Settings

Learning to use your smart phones camera settings is the best place to start! Most people today tend to just leave their phone camera in the default ‘auto’ mode — which is working but means you miss out on a lot of cool features that can improve your photography and provide you higher quality pictures.

Don’t be an afraid experiment with unique modes, and try it out in portrait, landscape and ISO. ISO (Industry Standards Organisation) is worth checking out as the setting judges how sensitive your phone camera is to light, based on your present surroundings. Lower ISO numbers are better for brighter lighting, and higher ISO numbers work best for brightening low light shots, like those taken in candlelight.

Think About Your Lighting
If you wish to use an image on any device, it’s important to consider your flash when you’re forming your shot. Photography is all about catching the lighting and how it mirrors on the image.

Before you take your picture, consider what your light origin is and where it is coming from. Professional Bristol based wedding photographer Matt Gutteridge of Matt Gutteridge Wedding Photography advises: “Organic lighting will normally build a better shot. When taking photos inside, start looking for artificial lights or approaches to reflect what natural light is there.”

Consider Composition
How you frame and set up your picture can make all of the difference between it being a beautiful photograph and something which looks cluttered and chaotic. Follow the lead of professional photographers and use the ‘rule of three’ when composing your shot.

To do this, you will want to break down the photograph both horizontally and vertically into a nine-sectioned grid and confirm the subject of your photo (as an instance, the bride) is placed at joining points on the squares and not entirely in the middle of the frame. Most telephones have a grid framework pre-installed, and this can be switched on in settings.

Clean Your Phone
This is a straightforward feature, but it makes plenty of difference — clean your lens before you begin using your phone as a camera.

Give it a wipe with a lens-friendly cloth before you start snapping to remove dust and grease — you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes to the pictures you take.

Use Different Apps
Experiment with different photography apps to provide your photos with the perfect finish — you can add filters, alter brightness, play around with the sharpness and more to add more dimension and flair to the photos you take.

Don’t go too far though — you don’t need to over-edit your photographs and have them lose their original beauty. Wedding photographs should be timeless, and a few filters and effects can date your photos — avoid trends in regards to your pictures, and they’ll last a lifetime.

You can also try some of the best photo editing apps:






Understand Your Camera Highlights
Looking at the smart phone market today you could assume that phones are now some of the most technologically advanced cameras on the market. Phones today are gradually passing the standard DSLR concerning versatility and advanced software.

The latest iPhone now features dual camera technology – this comes with a 12MP state of the art wide-angled camera which can also work with a 12MP telephoto camera this provides higher-quality zooms from further away. The dual camera is also ideal for producing blurred bokeh impressions behind your subject, with the high-tech Portrait mode.

For high-tech video record, examine the Sony Xperia XZ Premium — this phone includes a groundbreaking action eye camera, which can copy up to 960 frames per second. This permits you to watch the previously unseen action unfold in super slow motion.

If you’re all about taking selfies at a wedding, the Samsung S8 is high as it has intelligent auto-focus technology which will ensure everyone who’s crowding in for the snap will be in excellent focus, even if there’s a bit of jostling going on.

For snapping spontaneous wedding moments, the HTC U11 has squeeze technology which lets you take several wedding photos in a fast burst.

For more interesting wedding photography ideas, don’t miss our round up of the best wedding selfies!

Tips for perfect wedding images!

Produce a ‘Shot List’ – Some of the handy tips I’ve been given about Wedding Photography is to find the couple to think beforehand about the shots that they would like you to catch on the day and compile a list so you can check them off. This is particularly beneficial for the family shots. There is nothing worse than getting the pictures back and realising you did not imagine the happy couple with grandmother!

Wedding Photography Family Photo Coordinator – I find the family photograph component of the day can be very stressful. People are moving everywhere, you are unaware of the various family dynamics in play, and people are in a ‘festive spirit’ (and have frequently been drinking several spirits) to the point where it can be very chaotic. Ask the newlyweds to pick one relative on each side of the family who could function as ‘manager’ of the shoot. They can round up everyone, help get them in the shot and keep things going, so this means the happy couple can get back to the celebrations.

Scout the Location – Visit the locations of the various places you will working before the wedding takes place. This is the number one tip from Gloucestershire based Wedding Photographers Callisto Photography. “I’m fairly confident that most Pros don’t do this — I find it useful to know where we’re going, have a notion of a couple of positions for shots and to know how the light might become involved. On one or two weddings, I went with the couple to the venue before the marriage took place and captured some shots before the big day (these made beautiful ‘engagement photos’).

In Wedding Photography Preparation is KeySo much can go wrong on the day — so you want to be well prepared. Have a plan b and just in case even a plan z (in the event of poor or unfavourable weather). Have your batteries fully charged, carry plenty of spares, memory cards blank with backups, think about your trips and timings to get to places and find an itinerary of the complete day so that you have a full plan of what’s happening next at each stage of the wedding. If possible Liverpool Wedding Photographer Dan Charles recommends, attending the rehearsal of the ceremony. “You’ll be able to gather Lots of great information about possible positions to shoot from, the lighting, the order of the service, etc. It’s going to give you a head start on the big day!”

Set expectations with the Couple – Show them your work/style. Learn what they would like to achieve, how many shots they want, Gareth always recommends having this chat with couples “Know what images the couple want to be recorded and how the shots will be used will help you get set for the day”. If you’re charging them for the event, ensure to have the agreement of price in place up front.

Turn off the sound on your Camera – Beeps during speeches, the kiss and vows can be distracting at the magic moments. Make sure you switch off your sound on your kit before hand and keep it off.

Shoot the tiny details – Photograph rings, backs of dresses, shoes, flowers, table settings, menus, etc. — this help give the end album an excess dimension. Flick through a wedding magazine in the news stand for a little inspiration.

Use Two Cameras – Beg, borrow, hire or steal an additional camera for the day – and then when you’ve got it make sure it’s set up with an alternative lens to the one on your main kit. Lewis says “I always try to take images with one camera set to wide angle lens which is great for candid shots and those type of pictures. In tight spaces particularly before the wedding and in the preparation phases where the bride is getting read it makes sense to use a tighter lens.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top wedding tips and a massive shout out to Gareth Newstead & Lewis Romane for helping us write this article. If you think we’ve missed anything or you have own tips, then please feel free to comment below.

Why Not Try An Adventure Wedding

Adventure weddings are on the rise, and it’s easy to understand why. Combining the most important day of your life with some of your favourite activities in a new country and culture to soak in just sounds amazing to me and I’m surprised it’s taken so long for people to click on.

So what kind of couple is an adventure wedding suitable to? Neil Atkinson, a photographer we know very well, suggested that a couple who choose to do things differently would fit the bill, a couple who like to break away from the 9-5 grind a live life as freely as possible. It goes without saying that any partnership that has taken in the sights fo the world together may be inclined to try out something different for their big day. But in short, it will suit individuals that always want a little bit extra from life and wish to reject the norms of society in doing so.

Western society is now full of these kinds of people. Those who seek value from experiences rather than wealth and that is why weddings are in hometowns are in decline and destination weddings across The Med, The Alps and The Pyrenees are the norms.

So why don’t you consider it? Don’t restrict yourself either because I’ve been to weddings this year in Patagonia that I just thought were just a little bit too far away but they turned out to be incredible experiences, so what are you waiting for get the map and get dreaming!

The Rise Of The Destination Wedding

Once upon a time destination weddings were the sole domain of the well-to-do and affluent, however, with the erosion of time comes great opportunity. In this case, the opportunity is a beautiful wedding somewhere picturesque and preferably hot and a much-reduced rate relative to rip-off Britains astronomical prices. So how did we get here? Well with the reduction in cost of flights to Europe couple with Visa-free travel the ease at which people can make it to sunnier climes increased. One final factor was the economic difficulties of some coastal regions along The Mediterranean.

And so that was that. The destination wedding boom of the last 15 years came and brides & grooms to be found it was easier and more affordable, even, to have a wedding of their dreams on some sun-washed enclave in Greece or Spain than it was to have an average wedding at home.

But what are the three main reason?

  1. As touched on before the cost is a big factor here. All in one package in some destination in Greece, for example, can cost less than that of good venue in the UK. Just think about that for a second. These packages will include food, music the venue, everything while also taking a decent amount of the stress off your hands.
  2. A lot bride & grooms want their big day to be memorable for everyone and what a better way to do it by inviting everyone out a beautiful destination for a week of catching up, activities and of course the main event.
  3. Realising a wedding of your dreams, whether it’s a reserved affair on a vineyard in the South of France, an action packed alpine adventure in the Alps or a steamy getaway to The Med, has got to be one of life’s true joys and will live long in the memory. With the circumstances as the are now, it’s a case of striking while the iron is hot as the all in one packagesd may not last forever.

Words By Clayton Jane photography

How To Choose Your Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make. It needs to speak to you and it needs to look great, it will also have to be the site that will provide the backdrop to your the most important day of your life.
It’s just as well we’re on hand to give you some helpful pointers then!

Here are four things you should be mindful of when considering your choice of venue.

1. A Venue For You
The venue needs to be true to you, are you someone that enjoys luxury and sophistication with a hint of exclusivity? Or do you prefer the something more rustic that embraces the great outdoors? Low key or bright and flashy? Rough and ready or refined?
Important points! Think about your style and interests and how the venue appeals to them.

2. When To Book
Finding your dream wedding venue is only half the battle you then need to book it. The earlier, the better and it’s perfectly normal for couples to look at booking the venue between one or tow years in advance. The best venues get the most attention and predictably get booked up a considerable time in advance so be wary!

3.Pick A Theme
It’s important to choose a theme that compliments the venue. You’re not going to choose a rustic theme in a beautiful villa in Santorini so think about this one carefully, everything needs to be right and if your stuck why not give the venue a call and see if they have any pointers on what themes couples chose for past weddings.

4. Location
It’s important to choose a place that suits your idea of the perfect wedding. Destination weddings are on the rise, but maybe you would prefer somewhere closer to home. There are pros and cons to both, and it has to be considered carefully. Cost will be a factor and of course the ability for the older members of the family to get to the location.

Words By Sean Chiffers

10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Stationery Designer

Your stationery designer does more than just print your invitations, although it might not look like it.  They will also design your complete paper suite from save-the- dates, for the marriage. After you narrow down your listing of designers that are possible, here are the questions you should ask them.


  1. Do you sell invitation lines or custom designs?


Why you need to understand this: Your stationer is a graphic designer who free forms invitation designs, or she could be selling suites from several designers.


  1. Do you specialise in a particular style ( for instance, conventional or watercolour)?


Why you need to understand this: Invitations set the stage for the general appearance of your wedding, which means you will need to ensure your stationery can give you the theme you are going for.


  1. Are there publications I could browse through?


Why you need to understand: Paging through books of invitation packages will help narrow your focus on a particular theme and comprehend in case yours and your stationery designer’s design fit. It will also give you a few thoughts if you are a paper beginner of that which you may enjoy.



  1. Are other things that are personalised accessible? If so, could I see a price list along with examples?


Why you need to understand: Should you’ll need a cohesive look during your paper goods (belief: save-the-dates, party favour labels, escort cards, table names) and signage, it is recommended to request up front which things the stationer provides.


  1. Price of the invitation? Is there any advantage to buying other wedding paper (menus, escort cards) at once?


Why you need to understand: Occasionally stationary designers offer special discounts to couples who purchase their invitations in a package of goods. For those who have not determined on your place cards or save-the- dates it may be an excellent idea to think about including them in your paper bundle.


  1. Just how much customization is possible?


Why you need to understand: Sometimes, designers like to freestyle their work centred on a person ‘s preference; with set of designs and customise colours and words, they work in others. For those who are in possession of a unique customization at heart, request up front (and get a cost approximation).


  1. How about calligraphy—do you work with anyone? Are you able to recommend someone?


Why you need to understand: More times than not, stationers have built up relationships with calligraphers in the region. It is great to seek advice from your stationer for recommendations. You would like your envelopes addressed with a professional.


  1. How long will it take for me order to be fulfillled?


Why you need to understand: This one’s a no-brainer. When signing your contract, double check the time frame so that you are certain,  other goods along with the invitations will undoubtedly be sent with enough time for the RSVP procedure to guests of the wedding.


  1. Am I permitted to customize my invitation wording?


Why you need to understand: Wedding invitations are worded similarly to reveal the tenets of etiquette. Verify that everything is going to be written precisely as you directed and never altered to represent exactly what the stationer considers is appropriate if you are expecting to work with customised wording in your invitations.


  1. Once I Have placed my order, will I have the capacity to see the output (what the invitation will appear like) before the invitations are printed? If there is an error in the sequence what are the results?


Why you need to understand: Sadly, other errors along with typos can occur. Thus verify before your entire invitations are printed in order to avoid any additional prices. After that, check what the results are in case of an error (whether it is your blunder or the printer’s mistake).

Words by Martin Strivens @ Quest Photography

John Lewis’ Top Strategies For The Wedding Gift List

Making your wedding gift list, either in store with those smart firearm scanners (ALSO so much fun) or in the comfort of your living room is undoubtedly among the most satisfying elements of planning your wedding. What’s more, having a present list that makes your wedding guests truly happy also. Guest find it assuring that whatever they decide to purchase in the list it is going to be used and truly loved. In compiling your wedding gift list, the Present List team at John Lewis give us their top methods.

Early Delivery Perks

Choose the early delivery choice for honeymoon things like bags, cameras or beach towels, so that you will have these items long before you travel

Strategize Ahead

Choose your table settings if you are the person choosing your table decorations. Also, check to ensure your favourite cloth is dishwasher-safe, that is a variable for you personally.


A Small Touch

Leave two towels per individual – select from bath sheets to hand towels and face cloths, and make sure to add extras for guests.

Measure Up

Bring measurements – for carpets and lights for instance before you select you will wish to be sure they are likely to fit your room

Alternate Present Lists

You may also request contributions towards a dream honeymoon with John Lewis Gift Vouchers Kuoni, or contributions to Cancer Research UK. Simply ask us.





That Little Bit Extra

John Lewis Wedding Insurance can take care of your big day, ensuring photographers, blooms and sites for starters – get a quote here.

Why don’t we help your personalised wedding stationery – orders of service, your invitations, menus, thank you cards and so forth. You will also locate an extensive array of accessories and clean stationery.

Go Large

One of our readers, Andrew from Andrew Boschier Photography added that we shouldn’t underestimate how generous family and friends can be! Guests want to have a great selection of presents to select from, and we frequently discover folks must create an excursion that is second to add to their list.

Make a list that is longer than you think that they will want. You always have the option to flag the pieces you want as precedence, that’s easier than being forced to return to your list to include additional items. We are going to print a summary that gives you a cost listing /amount of presents only at that worth.

Take Your Time

Leave yourself sufficient time. Picking your preferred gifts out can take somewhat more time than you might realise, and we do have many options to choose from.

Pick your coupons up following your party, then go shopping, or spread it out as time passes. It is additionally an excellent choice in the event you would like to set the amount towards a fitted kitchen, like carpeting or a large purchase.

Time It Sensibly

Do not pick all your presents too much in advance of the primary day – in case any of your preferred products are discontinued, or out of stock when someone comes to purchase. Eight weeks is about right, as well as your visitors may then begin buying six weeks before the marriage.

Believe In Big

There can also be potential in an event that you want to have more impact. For example, a TV – or is it possible to request gift vouchers that may subsequently go towards a purchase that is huge. It’s possible for you to put a popup message saying ‘B & G would value contributions towards a couch…’


Picking the perfect wedding photographer

Picking the right wedding photographer can be really tricky so we’ve put together our guide to choosing the perfect wedding photographer!

romantic dance by the wedding couple

Step 1: Settle on a Fashion

Before starting studying photography, you will need to decide which kind of photography design you would like, as that can help determine which photographer you will need to shoot at your wedding. Does the subsequent appeal for you?

We asked Cardiff Wedding Photographer Phil Harris to summarise the different styles of photography that you can look for.

Documentary: Rather than a set of posed photographs, all these are candid or impulsive images (read: not styled) of individuals, décor as well as the activity. Typical pictures might range from the luxurious raw bar before guests begin your motley crew of cousins dancing digging in, or you as well as your bridesmaids laughing, champagne in hand. Using a just photojournalistic photographer, you will very rarely see people staring at the camera— the minutes are captured by the photographs just as they occurred, and collectively they tell a narrative.

Portraiture: In case you like timeless portraits (believe: your parents’ wedding album), go using a well-known photographer who focuses on portraiture. These are modelled photos of you, your family and friends of the two before varying backdrops. That is not to say there isn’t room for imagination in this group. While some photographers will present subjects in more conventional areas (like in the service altar or outside on the yard of the country club) and in more formal poses (standing as a group together), others take portraiture farther into the creative sphere using a more dramatic composition (the couple sitting on a lounge chair at their stylish resort reception site, or holding hands at the center of a nearby dirt road together with the mountains in the backdrop).

Fine Art: This style provides the shot greater artistic license to infuse their unique standpoint and design into your photos though it is much like documentary photography. So while the pictures reflect reality, it is the photographer’s reality. The pictures are stunning and sensational, but are—or seems like they were — shot on the picture having a more grainy, dreamier, more subdued appearance. The item (or couple) is in focus as well as the background seems to cloud. Movement additionally seems quite natural in this type of photography. Few wedding photographers who shoot simply on movie often fall within this class, though some will do a combination of both, and usually, they shoot in black and white. Having said that, a photographer employing this design can still be captured by a digicam with all camera lenses and the proper equipment. And few photographers will switch between film and digital. Not all photographers take a fine art strategy shoot portraits, so supposing it’s vital for your mother looks for someone who does both to have introduced family pictures or consider hiring an additional shot for the portrait sessions.

Edgy and Fearless: This design of photography, an offshoot of fine art, is marked by outdoor-the-box, leaning angles (called Dutch angles) and non-traditional framing. So instead of a straight-on picture of the couple exchanging vows in the altar, the picture might look tipped, with a candle in the foreground or an item such as an altar arrangement. Or the picture of the bride having her make-up done might be shot by having an emphasis on the eyeshadow brush, from above as opposed to on her face. Even one portrait of a bridesmaid could shoot the remaining space is filled with all the wall as well as so her face takes over just the bottom right of the picture or whatever’s behind her.

Step 2: Do Your Homework

Begin your investigation by browsing hundreds of local listings and reading reviews. Carefully consider prospective photographers’ sites and places to have a look at the pictures of other weddings they have shot, that’ll provide you with a concept in their design. The layout of the website could even have hints regarding sensibility and the photographer’s style. Have a look at their Instagram Facebook and Twitter pages also, if possible. Are the responses from customers favourable? How can the photographer react?

Knowing where to start can be really tricky so some great wedding photography directories are Fearless Photographers, Hitched and sites like Rock My Wedding and Let’s Bee Together which are full of ideas

 Step 3: Set Up an Interview

This can not be a choice which can be made on seams — you must meet with your prospective photographers. If you want that which you see on their website—and their fees have been in your ballpark range—phone to see whether they are accessible for your wedding date. In case the photographer has already been reserved for your date, you might want to find out when they can recommend another shoot using an identical fashion or have an associate. Set up a personal meeting with three to five prospective photographers that are accessible on your wedding date to look at more of the work and evaluate whether your characters mesh. Be ready to share what you see in your pictures and your site, wedding fashion.

 Step 4: See Several Complete Wedding Albums

Do not base your selection entirely on what you see in a book or a photographer’s highlighted gallery. And that means you see the most efficient and the top good reason, photographers shows a portfolio of their finest photos from all different weddings to prospective customers. The trouble with that is you will not get a well-rounded idea of their work. Request to find out two or three total galleries from actual weddings they have shot (not someone else at their business), and that means you will get a clearer concept of what your whole number of pictures might seem like following at the wedding. Should you see the complete gallery of the photographs are just about as great as those selected in the highlight gallery (that’s, they are all so great it is impossible to decide!), you are to the appropriate course. And request to find out one or more or two full records of weddings which can be in settings that are similar to yours. By the way, one of the examples is, in the event you are planning an indoor event with a dim lighting, do not only look at the wedding shot outside the natural sunlight. And if you are likely to say “I do” on a beach at sundown, you will desire to view examples of that.

Some great wedding album manufacturers to look out for are Folio Albums &  queensberry.com

Happy couple of newlyweds looking at each other in a park closeup

Step 5: Review Records Having a Critical Eye

When reviewing a photographer’s book, try to find the key moments you desire to capture: Did they get a picture of both the bride and the groom and also the bride when they locked eyes for the very first time? Also, try to find crispness of images, thoughtful compositions (does a picture look great the way it had been framed, or is there too much litter in the framework?) and great lighting (beware of washed out photographs where little details are clouded—unless that is the design you are after). It is also crucial in capturing people’s emotions that you just find sensitivity; make sure that the photographer’s subject seems to relax, not like deer caught in headlights. You intend to find out grinning pictures of your buddies also while you two are, needless to say, significant.

 Step 6: Make Sure Your Characters Mesh

Do not underestimate the value of bonding and enjoying. When you describe it, your vision excites the photographer? When they make propositions, do they present them in a manner that is clear and respectful, or are they shy? Are their mannerisms off-putting? So that you can receive the best pictures, being a professional who has a solid grip of societal graces but is daring enough to go out hunting for pictures that are fantastic, most importantly, puts you at ease and does not irritate you in any manner. Recall: They Will be shadowing your every move, and also the comfier the both of you and your photographer, the better the pictures will turn out. Also, you do not need any guests to offend or annoy, but to shoot at them in their greatest light in an unobtrusive way.

Massive thanks to Phil Harris from The Cardiff Wedding Photographer for helping with this article!

Interested in drone photography at your wedding? Read this blog!

People are always on the lookout for new ideas and technologies. Be it a new mobile phone app that makes life that little bit more convenient and stress-free or even a new toy to play with, such as Oculus Rifts VR console, for example, that takes home entertainment to a whole new level. Photographers are the same as everyone else in their desire to acquire the latest and greatest technologies and some have chosen to introduce drone technology to their service. Caroline White from Caroline White Photography recently shared a few words (see below) on how she has used this technology for her services.

As a couple keen to get married, you certainly demand to have an unforgettable evening. In order to savour your day, you need to capture the most compelling moments of your wedding in a way that is unique.

Ever since drone images hit the industry, utilising a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) at a venue has eventually become an extremely attractive idea. The pictures and videos shot by it are simply amazing, along with the final result it’s certainly a significant improvement on only shooting from ground level.

Video-recording and aerial images add an entirely new dimension to any wedding. With a quadcopter or UAV, you can shoot photographs from a wide variety of viewpoints, bringing a certain element of “ Hollywood cinema” into your wedding. With one of these pieces of equipment, I was able to make the impossible possible, and all your memories all come to life.

Drones can offer perspectives that are unique, accentuating the beauty of the surroundings of an area and also bring out its character. They can also be capable of recording individual moments. Unlike a ground-level photographer who can just shoot photos that are conventional, a quadcopter equipped with a top quality digicam supplies a whole new approach to recording the events of your big day. This little flying device elevates your regular experience, altering it into a once in a lifetime moment you will remember.

An expert drone owner with expertise may do a fantastic job flying the quadcopter although using any of these devices includes acquiring insurance and taking into account potential mishaps. He makes sure to get every single moment that is worth capturing while ensuring everybody in the area is safe.

If you’re looking for a specialist with experience and want to find out more about how drone technology can add a technologically modern twist to your big day, then please get in touch. I’m completely CAA licensed, I have a top of the range drone that will shoot pictures and record videos in complete HD.


Weddings in the Lake District

Trying to find beautiful locations for a wedding in the UK isn’t impossible after all the island is blessed with many picturesque sights but for this post, we wanted to focus on an area that alway seems to be high on the or this article we’ve enlisted the help of Rick Dell from Rick Dell Wedding Photography who discovered why he loves the location so much on a recent family trip and has put together some words summing why the place is so special.

So I’m really fortunate to have two awesome parents who reside in among the most spectacular and beautiful areas in the nation, The Lake District. We treat it like a miniature holiday seeing magnificent places around the Ponds and spending time with Mum and Dad, whom I don’t see as regularly as I would enjoy Kate and that I always hope to visit.

We Love The Roadtrip!

Even though the Ponds is only a three-hour drive from us in Staffordshire, we treat the drive up as a miniature experience, we get organise a playlist that is great to listen to or obtain a podcast to hear. The snacks are at the ready along with the power beverages that are on stand-by (oh the calories!). We reach Lancaster and after having a fast stop off there to refuel on Toned Whites, we’re off again into the country. I enjoy travelling north, it looks more peaceful the more north you travel along the M6, also it does get much prettier.

Spending some time with the family in the lake district

When we arrive it’s generally quite late and we’re fulfilled with extended cuddles from your folks and barks and waggy tails from the canines (Carly and Snoopy). Mom consistently has a craft-beer plus a wine bottle in the refrigerator, ready for when we arrive (she knows us too well!).

The District

Dad and mum reside in the seaport city of Barrow in Furness, which can be on the tip of the Peninsula in the south of the Lake Region. For individuals who adore the countryside, this is a perfect place to reside in! On their land there is a small barn, which is today converted into a fitness center. There are horses to feed, Bees to try to escape from (in my case) and turf everywhere the eye can see. The area is picturesque and charmingly crazy without a neighbouring site.

From this base of operations we are able to travel to all over the Pond Region, the closest and most visited destinations being Ulverston, Bowness Windermere and the lovely city of Kendal. The variety of locations and experiences to see and do are endless and considering we have only visited a few times there is much more discovery to be had in the future.

So if you’re planning your wedding in the Pond Area then figure what, I’m yours! Get in touch for more information on my Lake Area Wedding Photography

Therefore to summarise, here’s several from our wonderful time in Barrow-in-Furness and Walney Island (at the beach)…

Traditional Do-It-Yourself Farm Wedding

Wow, where do you look if you’re in need of some fresh ideas for a Traditional Do-It-Yourself Farm Wedding, I’ll start with this amazing wedding. Natalie and Althea Gibson’s wedding is a superb place to start out. They got married at St Peter’s Chapel in Market Bosworth before heading back to the family farm in Pinwall Atherstone, right on the border of Leicestershire. It actually was a DIY wedding with so many family and friends coming together to assist with decorations and personal touches. Everybody worked so hard obtaining a marquee to put up on the land and have to say that it blended in so well with the surroundings.

The evening began with me catching some photographs of the girls all planning the day’s events at Natalie’s Mum’s home just around the corner from the chapel. Natalie’s Niece was captivated watching her getting prepared for the big day. With the hair, cosmetics, shoes and gown all worn with perfection Natalie appeared absolutely stunning. Meanwhile, only down the road, the groomsman along with friends were having a quick drink to settle the nerves in the Black Horse Inn.

With the bride-to-be about to arrive, they all headed to the church washed in the beautiful autumn sun. ‘All you need is love’, showed Natalie the way farther down the Aisle with Ally waiting in front of the church the 2 super cute page kids holding a sign saying ‘ and I just adore Natalie’s superb excited encounter as she noticed Ally for the very first time. The church was so pretty with Ivy flowers and candles and add to the occasion the day was blessed with beautiful sunshine reaching on a couple of areas in the church.

Natalie and Ally left the cathedral after a wonderful ceremony and with a conventional Young Farmers Guard of Honour with pitchforks while also driving a john Deere tractor. They travelled on to the family farm with the ale cans rattling from behind.

When I arrived at the farm I was very excited, as a photographer I love to catch special moments and the story of the day but its always nice when partners genuinely personalise their evening with some brilliant detail and actually makes the wedding unique. If you’re thinking about getting an Old-Fashioned DIY Farm Wedding then take a good look at the full gallery hyperlink, it will have the human brain humming in a matter of seconds with motivation. There were signs made from pallets, bunting galore, Ally’s home made club, rustic timber, hessian, flowers, a ladder cap hook and my special favourites were the signs for the lavatories.

We headed to the site to get a few portraits and I was a little stressed about how they would react when the pictures were getting taken by me but who doesn’t love a lovely silhouette with a cow in the front!! Natalie has a tremendous love of horses also and was it was fantastic to acquire some pictures of her with among her favourite horse Porridge! After some delectable canapés and a lot of drinks that were very welcome, the invitees headed inside for Cream Tea, Pig Pies, Sandwiches. With everyone else nicely full with food and booze, some amazing speeches commenced with Ally’s sibling the most memorable one as she told many awkward and amusing stories. After cake-cutting and the first dance, their wedding group The Junos provided a heroic celebration and the dance floor was well and truly bouncing all night.

With lots of DIY touches, Ally & Natalie’s vision came together wonderfully in a mix of a pastoral, do-it-yourself, classic tea party celebration to make sure their family home was changed into a wedding venue that was beautiful! Their family & friends spent many hours supporting them to produce this kind of awesome evening for all of them to recall.

For more blog posts on unique. stylish do-it yourself wedding head over to Phil Webb Photography where you can find lots of ideas for inspiration.

4 ways to DIY your wedding

DIY weddings are becoming ever more popular among brides and grooms across the country. Utilising the help of friends & family members you can save money by creating stationary, decorations and even the cake (depending of course on how confident you are in the baking department!). Having a hands-on approach to the wedding can give you the perfect opportunity to leave a personal imprint on how your big day will look and feel for the guests. It’s also a great opportunity to bring people together in the run-up to the big day giving old friends a chance to break the ice and have fun by crafting together. We wanted to include some rustic DIY wedding photo’s on this blog and we’re lucky enough to be able to feature Norfolk Wedding Photographer Steven Brooks who has kindly let us use his images.

I have put together 5 things you can do to create your very own DIY wedding.

1.DIY Candles

A great and quirky addition to a wedding these DIY candles can be wrapped in your favourite quotes, be it romantic, geeky or just funny. it’s a great way to get friends and family involved allowing

each person to put their own quote of choice onto a candle. Best if all these candles are very easy to make. All you need are glass jar candles, easy to find on online shopping sites like Amazon.

Also, a standard letter size paper any colour though this works best with translucent vellum and finally some clear tape. All you need to then is enter your quotes into a word processor, choose a nice font and then print.

If you’re interested in making your own DIY wedding candles Soap Queen have article on DIY wedding favour candles – https://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-crafts/wedding-favor-candles-diy/

Rustic DIY Wedding photography

Image courtesy of Steven Brooks Wedding Photography Norfolk


This is, again, a great way to get your friends and family together so you can all pitch in and add a personal touch to the wedding. Be it the creation of invitations, seating plans or date cards it’s a great way to add a unique spin to your big day. This allows you to create the exact kind of images that you love and imagined and gives even relatively small wedding matters such as stationary that personal touch.

  1. 3. Food

From cheeseboards to salads and even cakes cooking and preparing your own food for the wedding is a great way to save money and give your wedding that special touch that is unique to you. Just makes sure you leave yourself plenty of time to prepare as there can be nothing worse than added last minute stressing the run up the wedding day. This is especially the case when it comes to baking wedding cakes and it should be recommended that if you don;t have any experience with baking at all it’s probably best to leave this one to the experts given that it’s such an important part of your wedding day.

  1. Decorations

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own decorations for your wedding. From bunting to fairy lights to elaborate centrepieces the opportunities to get creatively wild are plentiful. This is also another great way to get your friends and family involved. From rustic jars with flowers to table runners and wedding signs, there are plenty of options to add your personal touch to your DIY wedding. The Know have put together a lovely gallery on DIY wedding decorations which you can take a look at here!

The internet is full of step by step guides and videos on how you can incorporate the things above into your weddings making really easy to jump right in and get started on creating your very own DIY wedding.


Our favorite wedding ideas!

We prefer to think we understand some things regarding unique about wedding party pictures and if you’re searching for some strategies for your upcoming marriage ceremony shoot this is the guide to help you!

You can perk up the following wedding photography session with one of these photography suggestions!

Most of these suggestions don’t just need to be constrained to your private catalogue, we’ve also got a few fabulous wedding photography points that could additionally double as wonderful favours or wedding anniversary gifts.

To get those picture-taking attitude going, we have now created a short list of our best very creative photography rules to get you started!

Take a crack at our wedding ceremony activity tactics to get you going; these were the ten amazing digital photography techniques that you could explore in the home.

Right here are Ten strategies for professional photography which happen to have a considerable amount of possibilities, we would like to thank Bridal Magazine for some of these ideas!

Try to be prepared to go a little bit loony, employ a selection of ideas available to use when you need them! This helps to help keep elements fresh and assure that your particular individual couple isn’t getting bored to tears while you’re taking snapshots of him or her! You could use the same hints whenever you are taking portraits or family photos!

If you are an expert photographer, then a lot of these unique strategies are likely to to be getting you all fired up for your upcoming wedding ceremony!

Props along with extra accessories are an easy way to spice up your marriage day digital photography; often you can discover backgrounds in addition to objects about the place which you can get the happy couple to hold on to or maybe stand right in front of that can produce some special pictures!II am just always hunting for incredibly creative and enjoyable strategies when posting the groom and bride. Being a photographer, I enjoy finding all natural props and backdrops around the site of the event to represent my special couple or not surprisingly the marriage celebration so here are my suggestions!

We have a lot of folks to my website which is amateur photographers wondering about photography and desire photography helpful hints my first guideline is have photographs of exciting notices showing guest visitors which place to go plus these memories are notable getting a photograph of.

Small things just like the flowers and also cake, these are large aspects of the wedding day and it’s the specifics that mean something. Acquiring images of a lot of these details will likely produce good inclusions in the wedding ceremony album and can add a new range of your wedding photography.

An excellent thought is to get yourself as close to the ground as you’re able in the room so as to photo the shadows as they flow about the party area. Utilising lighting late during the night is a wonderful means for capturing the atmosphere belonging to the big event!

The attention you supply on the details can make or break up your pictures and definately will decide how consumers react to it. Your own appreciation of details will involve every facet of taking pictures when you fiddle with a lot of these excitement digital photography suggestions. Whilst it might possibly seem like these motivating wedding photos were made totally for amusement these are cautiously implemented strategies with a lot of depth forged from the post-processing point.

Bridesmaids normally ought not end up being the main attraction, but they is going to look fantastic while getting ready. A number of traditional monochrome pictures will brighten your wedding album.

Perhaps you happen to be specialist wedding photographer you will understand that only a few newlyweds wish conventional or conventional wedding day images. So ensure that you’re ready to try taking some actually engaging beautiful photos. Thats why I always maintain a couple of cameras prepared to rock ‘n roll! And also a playful right decision, this also allows you to generate a variety of unique as well as unusual pictures that your particular couple will relish.

Those who are shooting a speacial couple on their special day, be sure to consider 50 % of time designated. It is recommended professional photographers photographing a wedding put in perfect planning for beautiful photos bride, groom, bridal party, dress, flowers, wedding cakes and even more! That’s why we spoke to Bristol based photographer Olivier Burnside of olivierburnside.com, his number one time is to make sure that you work to a plan!

Imagine if you had to shoot of your full wedding and reception from your secondary dslr camera tools – and whether or not the lovely couple will probably be pleased about their own shots.

Regardless what they want, consider their plans – even though you may have shot some of the most perfect shots on this planet, the bride to be might choose to observe the picture first, be sure to prevent the wedding off web pages like Youtube.

Show the bride to be to keep the wedding flower arrangements below what appears comfortable the application helps make quite a few fantastic pictures!

By simply following our blog avoiding all of the issues having to do with photography, you’ll be able to to take top-class marriage pictures whenever your wedding couple ask for them. Hopefully, you thought this was an interesting editorial and uncovered a use for it and found use for it and found it helpful!

Let us know what you think inside of the comments.

Pre-wedding photo shoot

pre-wedding-shootYou’ve probably had a look around at many different wedding photographers and asked them as many questions as
you can think of relating to your big day. We would recommend asking about a pre-wedding photo shoot so that you can get to know the photographer better.

There are tonnes of reasons for having a pre-wedding photo shoot, not only do you get time to see the photographer in action, but you’ll be left with some fantastic images that you can use for save the dates or even customise your own guest book for the wedding day.

What is a pre-wedding photo shoot?

Some photographers call these shoots pre-wedding photo shoots, and others call them engagement sessions, they’re pretty much the same thing. They’re a great opportunity to get together with your wedding photographer before your big day and have some fun and relaxed photos taken. You’ll see the photographers style and should hopefully get to feel more comfortable in front of a camera so you have one less thing when it comes to your wedding day. The session can be anywhere that you like, so if you’ve got a location you love, let Joab know at Joab Smith Photography.

Pre-wedding photo shoot hints and tips

We advise to look through different wedding packages because while some photographers offer pre-wedding photo shoots included, not all do.

Make sure to allow enough time for this photography shoot, you don’t want to feel at all rushed so we wouldn’t suggest having a session on your lunch break. You should feel relaxed and it will show through the images.
You could have the photo shoot outdoors on a lovely day, or you could have the shoot linked thematically with your wedding and have the session photographed at your wedding venue. If you choose to have a shoot at the venue, then it gives you a great chance to explore and uncover different locations that would be ideal for a perfect photo.
Save the dates, personalised guest book, a photography slideshow at your reception, custom frame, just think of the possibilities! If you get your images on a disk or USB stick then you could have them printed for a multitude of uses, and it will add that extra bit of personality to your already fantastic wedding day.

Reasons we love pre-wedding photo shoots

We have to disagree with articles in The Guardian and some other papers!

They’re the perfect time to see your photographer in action and help you to feel at ease knowing that you have chosen the right person for the job. We always advise that coming up with the right answers to questions is all fine and dandy when it comes to wedding photography, but in the end what’s most important is somebody that feels right for you.

This is the photographers time to impress you. They should be friendly but professional so if they appear to be disorganised or like they’re unsure of what they’re doing at any point then it may be best for you to reconsider your choice of wedding photographer.

During this photo shoot you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your likes and dislikes as a couple, and it will give your photographer the chance to see how you interact with the camera.

Once the day is over, your photographer will process them and shortly afterwards you should have some beautiful images to remember the day by.