Pre-wedding photo shoot

pre-wedding-shootYou’ve probably had a look around at many different wedding photographers and asked them as many questions as
you can think of relating to your big day. We would recommend asking about a pre-wedding photo shoot so that you can get to know the photographer better.

There are tonnes of reasons for having a pre-wedding photo shoot, not only do you get time to see the photographer in action, but you’ll be left with some fantastic images that you can use for save the dates or even customise your own guest book for the wedding day.

What is a pre-wedding photo shoot?

Some photographers call these shoots pre-wedding photo shoots, and others call them engagement sessions, they’re pretty much the same thing. They’re a great opportunity to get together with your wedding photographer before your big day and have some fun and relaxed photos taken. You’ll see the photographers style and should hopefully get to feel more comfortable in front of a camera so you have one less thing when it comes to your wedding day. The session can be anywhere that you like, so if you’ve got a location you love, let Joab know at Joab Smith Photography.

Pre-wedding photo shoot hints and tips

We advise to look through different wedding packages because while some photographers offer pre-wedding photo shoots included, not all do.

Make sure to allow enough time for this photography shoot, you don’t want to feel at all rushed so we wouldn’t suggest having a session on your lunch break. You should feel relaxed and it will show through the images.
You could have the photo shoot outdoors on a lovely day, or you could have the shoot linked thematically with your wedding and have the session photographed at your wedding venue. If you choose to have a shoot at the venue, then it gives you a great chance to explore and uncover different locations that would be ideal for a perfect photo.
Save the dates, personalised guest book, a photography slideshow at your reception, custom frame, just think of the possibilities! If you get your images on a disk or USB stick then you could have them printed for a multitude of uses, and it will add that extra bit of personality to your already fantastic wedding day.

Reasons we love pre-wedding photo shoots

We have to disagree with articles in The Guardian and some other papers!

They’re the perfect time to see your photographer in action and help you to feel at ease knowing that you have chosen the right person for the job. We always advise that coming up with the right answers to questions is all fine and dandy when it comes to wedding photography, but in the end what’s most important is somebody that feels right for you.

This is the photographers time to impress you. They should be friendly but professional so if they appear to be disorganised or like they’re unsure of what they’re doing at any point then it may be best for you to reconsider your choice of wedding photographer.

During this photo shoot you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your likes and dislikes as a couple, and it will give your photographer the chance to see how you interact with the camera.

Once the day is over, your photographer will process them and shortly afterwards you should have some beautiful images to remember the day by.