Traditional Do-It-Yourself Farm Wedding

Wow, where do you look if you’re in need of some fresh ideas for a Traditional Do-It-Yourself Farm Wedding, I’ll start with this amazing wedding. Natalie and Althea Gibson’s wedding is a superb place to start out. They got married at St Peter’s Chapel in Market Bosworth before heading back to the family farm in Pinwall Atherstone, right on the border of Leicestershire. It actually was a DIY wedding with so many family and friends coming together to assist with decorations and personal touches. Everybody worked so hard obtaining a marquee to put up on the land and have to say that it blended in so well with the surroundings.

The evening began with me catching some photographs of the girls all planning the day’s events at Natalie’s Mum’s home just around the corner from the chapel. Natalie’s Niece was captivated watching her getting prepared for the big day. With the hair, cosmetics, shoes and gown all worn with perfection Natalie appeared absolutely stunning. Meanwhile, only down the road, the groomsman along with friends were having a quick drink to settle the nerves in the Black Horse Inn.

With the bride-to-be about to arrive, they all headed to the church washed in the beautiful autumn sun. ‘All you need is love’, showed Natalie the way farther down the Aisle with Ally waiting in front of the church the 2 super cute page kids holding a sign saying ‘ and I just adore Natalie’s superb excited encounter as she noticed Ally for the very first time. The church was so pretty with Ivy flowers and candles and add to the occasion the day was blessed with beautiful sunshine reaching on a couple of areas in the church.

Natalie and Ally left the cathedral after a wonderful ceremony and with a conventional Young Farmers Guard of Honour with pitchforks while also driving a john Deere tractor. They travelled on to the family farm with the ale cans rattling from behind.

When I arrived at the farm I was very excited, as a photographer I love to catch special moments and the story of the day but its always nice when partners genuinely personalise their evening with some brilliant detail and actually makes the wedding unique. If you’re thinking about getting an Old-Fashioned DIY Farm Wedding then take a good look at the full gallery hyperlink, it will have the human brain humming in a matter of seconds with motivation. There were signs made from pallets, bunting galore, Ally’s home made club, rustic timber, hessian, flowers, a ladder cap hook and my special favourites were the signs for the lavatories.

We headed to the site to get a few portraits and I was a little stressed about how they would react when the pictures were getting taken by me but who doesn’t love a lovely silhouette with a cow in the front!! Natalie has a tremendous love of horses also and was it was fantastic to acquire some pictures of her with among her favourite horse Porridge! After some delectable canapés and a lot of drinks that were very welcome, the invitees headed inside for Cream Tea, Pig Pies, Sandwiches. With everyone else nicely full with food and booze, some amazing speeches commenced with Ally’s sibling the most memorable one as she told many awkward and amusing stories. After cake-cutting and the first dance, their wedding group The Junos provided a heroic celebration and the dance floor was well and truly bouncing all night.

With lots of DIY touches, Ally & Natalie’s vision came together wonderfully in a mix of a pastoral, do-it-yourself, classic tea party celebration to make sure their family home was changed into a wedding venue that was beautiful! Their family & friends spent many hours supporting them to produce this kind of awesome evening for all of them to recall.

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