Weddings in the Lake District

Trying to find beautiful locations for a wedding in the UK isn’t impossible after all the island is blessed with many picturesque sights but for this post, we wanted to focus on an area that alway seems to be high on the or this article we’ve enlisted the help of Rick Dell from Rick Dell Wedding Photography who discovered why he loves the location so much on a recent family trip and has put together some words summing why the place is so special.

So I’m really fortunate to have two awesome parents who reside in among the most spectacular and beautiful areas in the nation, The Lake District. We treat it like a miniature holiday seeing magnificent places around the Ponds and spending time with Mum and Dad, whom I don’t see as regularly as I would enjoy Kate and that I always hope to visit.

We Love The Roadtrip!

Even though the Ponds is only a three-hour drive from us in Staffordshire, we treat the drive up as a miniature experience, we get organise a playlist that is great to listen to or obtain a podcast to hear. The snacks are at the ready along with the power beverages that are on stand-by (oh the calories!). We reach Lancaster and after having a fast stop off there to refuel on Toned Whites, we’re off again into the country. I enjoy travelling north, it looks more peaceful the more north you travel along the M6, also it does get much prettier.

Spending some time with the family in the lake district

When we arrive it’s generally quite late and we’re fulfilled with extended cuddles from your folks and barks and waggy tails from the canines (Carly and Snoopy). Mom consistently has a craft-beer plus a wine bottle in the refrigerator, ready for when we arrive (she knows us too well!).

The District

Dad and mum reside in the seaport city of Barrow in Furness, which can be on the tip of the Peninsula in the south of the Lake Region. For individuals who adore the countryside, this is a perfect place to reside in! On their land there is a small barn, which is today converted into a fitness center. There are horses to feed, Bees to try to escape from (in my case) and turf everywhere the eye can see. The area is picturesque and charmingly crazy without a neighbouring site.

From this base of operations we are able to travel to all over the Pond Region, the closest and most visited destinations being Ulverston, Bowness Windermere and the lovely city of Kendal. The variety of locations and experiences to see and do are endless and considering we have only visited a few times there is much more discovery to be had in the future.

So if you’re planning your wedding in the Pond Area then figure what, I’m yours! Get in touch for more information on my Lake Area Wedding Photography

Therefore to summarise, here’s several from our wonderful time in Barrow-in-Furness and Walney Island (at the beach)…

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