Interested in drone photography at your wedding? Read this blog!

People are always on the lookout for new ideas and technologies. Be it a new mobile phone app that makes life that little bit more convenient and stress-free or even a new toy to play with, such as Oculus Rifts VR console, for example, that takes home entertainment to a whole new level. Photographers are the same as everyone else in their desire to acquire the latest and greatest technologies and some have chosen to introduce drone technology to their service. Caroline White from Caroline White Photography recently shared a few words (see below) on how she has used this technology for her services.

As a couple keen to get married, you certainly demand to have an unforgettable evening. In order to savour your day, you need to capture the most compelling moments of your wedding in a way that is unique.

Ever since drone images hit the industry, utilising a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) at a venue has eventually become an extremely attractive idea. The pictures and videos shot by it are simply amazing, along with the final result it’s certainly a significant improvement on only shooting from ground level.

Video-recording and aerial images add an entirely new dimension to any wedding. With a quadcopter or UAV, you can shoot photographs from a wide variety of viewpoints, bringing a certain element of “ Hollywood cinema” into your wedding. With one of these pieces of equipment, I was able to make the impossible possible, and all your memories all come to life.

Drones can offer perspectives that are unique, accentuating the beauty of the surroundings of an area and also bring out its character. They can also be capable of recording individual moments. Unlike a ground-level photographer who can just shoot photos that are conventional, a quadcopter equipped with a top quality digicam supplies a whole new approach to recording the events of your big day. This little flying device elevates your regular experience, altering it into a once in a lifetime moment you will remember.

An expert drone owner with expertise may do a fantastic job flying the quadcopter although using any of these devices includes acquiring insurance and taking into account potential mishaps. He makes sure to get every single moment that is worth capturing while ensuring everybody in the area is safe.

If you’re looking for a specialist with experience and want to find out more about how drone technology can add a technologically modern twist to your big day, then please get in touch. I’m completely CAA licensed, I have a top of the range drone that will shoot pictures and record videos in complete HD.