John Lewis’ Top Strategies For The Wedding Gift List

Making your wedding gift list, either in store with those smart firearm scanners (ALSO so much fun) or in the comfort of your living room is undoubtedly among the most satisfying elements of planning your wedding. What’s more, having a present list that makes your wedding guests truly happy also. Guest find it assuring that whatever they decide to purchase in the list it is going to be used and truly loved. In compiling your wedding gift list, the Present List team at John Lewis give us their top methods.

Early Delivery Perks

Choose the early delivery choice for honeymoon things like bags, cameras or beach towels, so that you will have these items long before you travel

Strategize Ahead

Choose your table settings if you are the person choosing your table decorations. Also, check to ensure your favourite cloth is dishwasher-safe, that is a variable for you personally.


A Small Touch

Leave two towels per individual – select from bath sheets to hand towels and face cloths, and make sure to add extras for guests.

Measure Up

Bring measurements – for carpets and lights for instance before you select you will wish to be sure they are likely to fit your room

Alternate Present Lists

You may also request contributions towards a dream honeymoon with John Lewis Gift Vouchers Kuoni, or contributions to Cancer Research UK. Simply ask us.





That Little Bit Extra

John Lewis Wedding Insurance can take care of your big day, ensuring photographers, blooms and sites for starters – get a quote here.

Why don’t we help your personalised wedding stationery – orders of service, your invitations, menus, thank you cards and so forth. You will also locate an extensive array of accessories and clean stationery.

Go Large

One of our readers, Andrew from Andrew Boschier Photography added that we shouldn’t underestimate how generous family and friends can be! Guests want to have a great selection of presents to select from, and we frequently discover folks must create an excursion that is second to add to their list.

Make a list that is longer than you think that they will want. You always have the option to flag the pieces you want as precedence, that’s easier than being forced to return to your list to include additional items. We are going to print a summary that gives you a cost listing /amount of presents only at that worth.

Take Your Time

Leave yourself sufficient time. Picking your preferred gifts out can take somewhat more time than you might realise, and we do have many options to choose from.

Pick your coupons up following your party, then go shopping, or spread it out as time passes. It is additionally an excellent choice in the event you would like to set the amount towards a fitted kitchen, like carpeting or a large purchase.

Time It Sensibly

Do not pick all your presents too much in advance of the primary day – in case any of your preferred products are discontinued, or out of stock when someone comes to purchase. Eight weeks is about right, as well as your visitors may then begin buying six weeks before the marriage.

Believe In Big

There can also be potential in an event that you want to have more impact. For example, a TV – or is it possible to request gift vouchers that may subsequently go towards a purchase that is huge. It’s possible for you to put a popup message saying ‘B & G would value contributions towards a couch…’