10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Stationery Designer

Your stationery designer does more than just print your invitations, although it might not look like it.  They will also design your complete paper suite from save-the- dates, for the marriage. After you narrow down your listing of designers that are possible, here are the questions you should ask them.


  1. Do you sell invitation lines or custom designs?


Why you need to understand this: Your stationer is a graphic designer who free forms invitation designs, or she could be selling suites from several designers.


  1. Do you specialise in a particular style ( for instance, conventional or watercolour)?


Why you need to understand this: Invitations set the stage for the general appearance of your wedding, which means you will need to ensure your stationery can give you the theme you are going for.


  1. Are there publications I could browse through?


Why you need to understand: Paging through books of invitation packages will help narrow your focus on a particular theme and comprehend in case yours and your stationery designer’s design fit. It will also give you a few thoughts if you are a paper beginner of that which you may enjoy.



  1. Are other things that are personalised accessible? If so, could I see a price list along with examples?


Why you need to understand: Should you’ll need a cohesive look during your paper goods (belief: save-the-dates, party favour labels, escort cards, table names) and signage, it is recommended to request up front which things the stationer provides.


  1. Price of the invitation? Is there any advantage to buying other wedding paper (menus, escort cards) at once?


Why you need to understand: Occasionally stationary designers offer special discounts to couples who purchase their invitations in a package of goods. For those who have not determined on your place cards or save-the- dates it may be an excellent idea to think about including them in your paper bundle.


  1. Just how much customization is possible?


Why you need to understand: Sometimes, designers like to freestyle their work centred on a person ‘s preference; with set of designs and customise colours and words, they work in others. For those who are in possession of a unique customization at heart, request up front (and get a cost approximation).


  1. How about calligraphy—do you work with anyone? Are you able to recommend someone?


Why you need to understand: More times than not, stationers have built up relationships with calligraphers in the region. It is great to seek advice from your stationer for recommendations. You would like your envelopes addressed with a professional.


  1. How long will it take for me order to be fulfillled?


Why you need to understand: This one’s a no-brainer. When signing your contract, double check the time frame so that you are certain,  other goods along with the invitations will undoubtedly be sent with enough time for the RSVP procedure to guests of the wedding.


  1. Am I permitted to customize my invitation wording?


Why you need to understand: Wedding invitations are worded similarly to reveal the tenets of etiquette. Verify that everything is going to be written precisely as you directed and never altered to represent exactly what the stationer considers is appropriate if you are expecting to work with customised wording in your invitations.


  1. Once I Have placed my order, will I have the capacity to see the output (what the invitation will appear like) before the invitations are printed? If there is an error in the sequence what are the results?


Why you need to understand: Sadly, other errors along with typos can occur. Thus verify before your entire invitations are printed in order to avoid any additional prices. After that, check what the results are in case of an error (whether it is your blunder or the printer’s mistake).

Words by Martin Strivens @ Quest Photography