How To Choose Your Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make. It needs to speak to you and it needs to look great, it will also have to be the site that will provide the backdrop to your the most important day of your life.
It’s just as well we’re on hand to give you some helpful pointers then!

Here are four things you should be mindful of when considering your choice of venue.

1. A Venue For You
The venue needs to be true to you, are you someone that enjoys luxury and sophistication with a hint of exclusivity? Or do you prefer the something more rustic that embraces the great outdoors? Low key or bright and flashy? Rough and ready or refined?
Important points! Think about your style and interests and how the venue appeals to them.

2. When To Book
Finding your dream wedding venue is only half the battle you then need to book it. The earlier, the better and it’s perfectly normal for couples to look at booking the venue between one or tow years in advance. The best venues get the most attention and predictably get booked up a considerable time in advance so be wary!

3.Pick A Theme
It’s important to choose a theme that compliments the venue. You’re not going to choose a rustic theme in a beautiful villa in Santorini so think about this one carefully, everything needs to be right and if your stuck why not give the venue a call and see if they have any pointers on what themes couples chose for past weddings.

4. Location
It’s important to choose a place that suits your idea of the perfect wedding. Destination weddings are on the rise, but maybe you would prefer somewhere closer to home. There are pros and cons to both, and it has to be considered carefully. Cost will be a factor and of course the ability for the older members of the family to get to the location.

Words By Sean Chiffers