The Rise Of The Destination Wedding

Once upon a time destination weddings were the sole domain of the well-to-do and affluent, however, with the erosion of time comes great opportunity. In this case, the opportunity is a beautiful wedding somewhere picturesque and preferably hot and a much-reduced rate relative to rip-off Britains astronomical prices. So how did we get here? Well with the reduction in cost of flights to Europe couple with Visa-free travel the ease at which people can make it to sunnier climes increased. One final factor was the economic difficulties of some coastal regions along The Mediterranean.

And so that was that. The destination wedding boom of the last 15 years came and brides & grooms to be found it was easier and more affordable, even, to have a wedding of their dreams on some sun-washed enclave in Greece or Spain than it was to have an average wedding at home.

But what are the three main reason?

  1. As touched on before the cost is a big factor here. All in one package in some destination in Greece, for example, can cost less than that of good venue in the UK. Just think about that for a second. These packages will include food, music the venue, everything while also taking a decent amount of the stress off your hands.
  2. A lot bride & grooms want their big day to be memorable for everyone and what a better way to do it by inviting everyone out a beautiful destination for a week of catching up, activities and of course the main event.
  3. Realising a wedding of your dreams, whether it’s a reserved affair on a vineyard in the South of France, an action packed alpine adventure in the Alps or a steamy getaway to The Med, has got to be one of life’s true joys and will live long in the memory. With the circumstances as the are now, it’s a case of striking while the iron is hot as the all in one packagesd may not last forever.

Words By Clayton Jane photography