Tips for perfect wedding images!

Produce a ‘Shot List’ – Some of the handy tips I’ve been given about Wedding Photography is to find the couple to think beforehand about the shots that they would like you to catch on the day and compile a list so you can check them off. This is particularly beneficial for the family shots. There is nothing worse than getting the pictures back and realising you did not imagine the happy couple with grandmother!

Wedding Photography Family Photo Coordinator – I find the family photograph component of the day can be very stressful. People are moving everywhere, you are unaware of the various family dynamics in play, and people are in a ‘festive spirit’ (and have frequently been drinking several spirits) to the point where it can be very chaotic. Ask the newlyweds to pick one relative on each side of the family who could function as ‘manager’ of the shoot. They can round up everyone, help get them in the shot and keep things going, so this means the happy couple can get back to the celebrations.

Scout the Location – Visit the locations of the various places you will working before the wedding takes place. This is the number one tip from Gloucestershire based Wedding Photographers Callisto Photography. “I’m fairly confident that most Pros don’t do this — I find it useful to know where we’re going, have a notion of a couple of positions for shots and to know how the light might become involved. On one or two weddings, I went with the couple to the venue before the marriage took place and captured some shots before the big day (these made beautiful ‘engagement photos’).

In Wedding Photography Preparation is KeySo much can go wrong on the day — so you want to be well prepared. Have a plan b and just in case even a plan z (in the event of poor or unfavourable weather). Have your batteries fully charged, carry plenty of spares, memory cards blank with backups, think about your trips and timings to get to places and find an itinerary of the complete day so that you have a full plan of what’s happening next at each stage of the wedding. If possible Liverpool Wedding Photographer Dan Charles recommends, attending the rehearsal of the ceremony. “You’ll be able to gather Lots of great information about possible positions to shoot from, the lighting, the order of the service, etc. It’s going to give you a head start on the big day!”

Set expectations with the Couple – Show them your work/style. Learn what they would like to achieve, how many shots they want, Gareth always recommends having this chat with couples “Know what images the couple want to be recorded and how the shots will be used will help you get set for the day”. If you’re charging them for the event, ensure to have the agreement of price in place up front.

Turn off the sound on your Camera – Beeps during speeches, the kiss and vows can be distracting at the magic moments. Make sure you switch off your sound on your kit before hand and keep it off.

Shoot the tiny details – Photograph rings, backs of dresses, shoes, flowers, table settings, menus, etc. — this help give the end album an excess dimension. Flick through a wedding magazine in the news stand for a little inspiration.

Use Two Cameras – Beg, borrow, hire or steal an additional camera for the day – and then when you’ve got it make sure it’s set up with an alternative lens to the one on your main kit. Lewis says “I always try to take images with one camera set to wide angle lens which is great for candid shots and those type of pictures. In tight spaces particularly before the wedding and in the preparation phases where the bride is getting read it makes sense to use a tighter lens.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top wedding tips and a massive shout out to Gareth Newstead & Lewis Romane for helping us write this article. If you think we’ve missed anything or you have own tips, then please feel free to comment below.