Traditional Do-It-Yourself Farm Wedding

Wow, where do you look if you’re in need of some fresh ideas for a Traditional Do-It-Yourself Farm Wedding, I’ll start with this amazing wedding. Natalie and Althea Gibson’s wedding is a superb place to start out. They got married at St Peter’s Chapel in Market Bosworth before heading back to the family farm in Pinwall Atherstone, right on the border of Leicestershire. It actually was a DIY wedding with so many family and friends coming together to assist with decorations and personal touches. Everybody worked so hard obtaining a marquee to put up on the land and have to say that it blended in so well with the surroundings.

The evening began with me catching some photographs of the girls all planning the day’s events at Natalie’s Mum’s home just around the corner from the chapel. Natalie’s Niece was captivated watching her getting prepared for the big day. With the hair, cosmetics, shoes and gown all worn with perfection Natalie appeared absolutely stunning. Meanwhile, only down the road, the groomsman along with friends were having a quick drink to settle the nerves in the Black Horse Inn.

With the bride-to-be about to arrive, they all headed to the church washed in the beautiful autumn sun. ‘All you need is love’, showed Natalie the way farther down the Aisle with Ally waiting in front of the church the 2 super cute page kids holding a sign saying ‘ and I just adore Natalie’s superb excited encounter as she noticed Ally for the very first time. The church was so pretty with Ivy flowers and candles and add to the occasion the day was blessed with beautiful sunshine reaching on a couple of areas in the church.

Natalie and Ally left the cathedral after a wonderful ceremony and with a conventional Young Farmers Guard of Honour with pitchforks while also driving a john Deere tractor. They travelled on to the family farm with the ale cans rattling from behind.

When I arrived at the farm I was very excited, as a photographer I love to catch special moments and the story of the day but its always nice when partners genuinely personalise their evening with some brilliant detail and actually makes the wedding unique. If you’re thinking about getting an Old-Fashioned DIY Farm Wedding then take a good look at the full gallery hyperlink, it will have the human brain humming in a matter of seconds with motivation. There were signs made from pallets, bunting galore, Ally’s home made club, rustic timber, hessian, flowers, a ladder cap hook and my special favourites were the signs for the lavatories.

We headed to the site to get a few portraits and I was a little stressed about how they would react when the pictures were getting taken by me but who doesn’t love a lovely silhouette with a cow in the front!! Natalie has a tremendous love of horses also and was it was fantastic to acquire some pictures of her with among her favourite horse Porridge! After some delectable canapés and a lot of drinks that were very welcome, the invitees headed inside for Cream Tea, Pig Pies, Sandwiches. With everyone else nicely full with food and booze, some amazing speeches commenced with Ally’s sibling the most memorable one as she told many awkward and amusing stories. After cake-cutting and the first dance, their wedding group The Junos provided a heroic celebration and the dance floor was well and truly bouncing all night.

With lots of DIY touches, Ally & Natalie’s vision came together wonderfully in a mix of a pastoral, do-it-yourself, classic tea party celebration to make sure their family home was changed into a wedding venue that was beautiful! Their family & friends spent many hours supporting them to produce this kind of awesome evening for all of them to recall.

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4 ways to DIY your wedding

DIY weddings are becoming ever more popular among brides and grooms across the country. Utilising the help of friends & family members you can save money by creating stationary, decorations and even the cake (depending of course on how confident you are in the baking department!). Having a hands-on approach to the wedding can give you the perfect opportunity to leave a personal imprint on how your big day will look and feel for the guests. It’s also a great opportunity to bring people together in the run-up to the big day giving old friends a chance to break the ice and have fun by crafting together. We wanted to include some rustic DIY wedding photo’s on this blog and we’re lucky enough to be able to feature Norfolk Wedding Photographer Steven Brooks who has kindly let us use his images.

I have put together 5 things you can do to create your very own DIY wedding.

1.DIY Candles

A great and quirky addition to a wedding these DIY candles can be wrapped in your favourite quotes, be it romantic, geeky or just funny. it’s a great way to get friends and family involved allowing

each person to put their own quote of choice onto a candle. Best if all these candles are very easy to make. All you need are glass jar candles, easy to find on online shopping sites like Amazon.

Also, a standard letter size paper any colour though this works best with translucent vellum and finally some clear tape. All you need to then is enter your quotes into a word processor, choose a nice font and then print.

If you’re interested in making your own DIY wedding candles Soap Queen have article on DIY wedding favour candles –

Rustic DIY Wedding photography

Image courtesy of Steven Brooks Wedding Photography Norfolk


This is, again, a great way to get your friends and family together so you can all pitch in and add a personal touch to the wedding. Be it the creation of invitations, seating plans or date cards it’s a great way to add a unique spin to your big day. This allows you to create the exact kind of images that you love and imagined and gives even relatively small wedding matters such as stationary that personal touch.

  1. 3. Food

From cheeseboards to salads and even cakes cooking and preparing your own food for the wedding is a great way to save money and give your wedding that special touch that is unique to you. Just makes sure you leave yourself plenty of time to prepare as there can be nothing worse than added last minute stressing the run up the wedding day. This is especially the case when it comes to baking wedding cakes and it should be recommended that if you don;t have any experience with baking at all it’s probably best to leave this one to the experts given that it’s such an important part of your wedding day.

  1. Decorations

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own decorations for your wedding. From bunting to fairy lights to elaborate centrepieces the opportunities to get creatively wild are plentiful. This is also another great way to get your friends and family involved. From rustic jars with flowers to table runners and wedding signs, there are plenty of options to add your personal touch to your DIY wedding. The Know have put together a lovely gallery on DIY wedding decorations which you can take a look at here!

The internet is full of step by step guides and videos on how you can incorporate the things above into your weddings making really easy to jump right in and get started on creating your very own DIY wedding.


Our favorite wedding ideas!

We prefer to think we understand some things regarding unique about wedding party pictures and if you’re searching for some strategies for your upcoming marriage ceremony shoot this is the guide to help you!

You can perk up the following wedding photography session with one of these photography suggestions!

Most of these suggestions don’t just need to be constrained to your private catalogue, we’ve also got a few fabulous wedding photography points that could additionally double as wonderful favours or wedding anniversary gifts.

To get those picture-taking attitude going, we have now created a short list of our best very creative photography rules to get you started!

Take a crack at our wedding ceremony activity tactics to get you going; these were the ten amazing digital photography techniques that you could explore in the home.

Right here are Ten strategies for professional photography which happen to have a considerable amount of possibilities, we would like to thank Bridal Magazine for some of these ideas!

Try to be prepared to go a little bit loony, employ a selection of ideas available to use when you need them! This helps to help keep elements fresh and assure that your particular individual couple isn’t getting bored to tears while you’re taking snapshots of him or her! You could use the same hints whenever you are taking portraits or family photos!

If you are an expert photographer, then a lot of these unique strategies are likely to to be getting you all fired up for your upcoming wedding ceremony!

Props along with extra accessories are an easy way to spice up your marriage day digital photography; often you can discover backgrounds in addition to objects about the place which you can get the happy couple to hold on to or maybe stand right in front of that can produce some special pictures!II am just always hunting for incredibly creative and enjoyable strategies when posting the groom and bride. Being a photographer, I enjoy finding all natural props and backdrops around the site of the event to represent my special couple or not surprisingly the marriage celebration so here are my suggestions!

We have a lot of folks to my website which is amateur photographers wondering about photography and desire photography helpful hints my first guideline is have photographs of exciting notices showing guest visitors which place to go plus these memories are notable getting a photograph of.

Small things just like the flowers and also cake, these are large aspects of the wedding day and it’s the specifics that mean something. Acquiring images of a lot of these details will likely produce good inclusions in the wedding ceremony album and can add a new range of your wedding photography.

An excellent thought is to get yourself as close to the ground as you’re able in the room so as to photo the shadows as they flow about the party area. Utilising lighting late during the night is a wonderful means for capturing the atmosphere belonging to the big event!

The attention you supply on the details can make or break up your pictures and definately will decide how consumers react to it. Your own appreciation of details will involve every facet of taking pictures when you fiddle with a lot of these excitement digital photography suggestions. Whilst it might possibly seem like these motivating wedding photos were made totally for amusement these are cautiously implemented strategies with a lot of depth forged from the post-processing point.

Bridesmaids normally ought not end up being the main attraction, but they is going to look fantastic while getting ready. A number of traditional monochrome pictures will brighten your wedding album.

Perhaps you happen to be specialist wedding photographer you will understand that only a few newlyweds wish conventional or conventional wedding day images. So ensure that you’re ready to try taking some actually engaging beautiful photos. Thats why I always maintain a couple of cameras prepared to rock ‘n roll! And also a playful right decision, this also allows you to generate a variety of unique as well as unusual pictures that your particular couple will relish.

Those who are shooting a speacial couple on their special day, be sure to consider 50 % of time designated. It is recommended professional photographers photographing a wedding put in perfect planning for beautiful photos bride, groom, bridal party, dress, flowers, wedding cakes and even more! That’s why we spoke to Bristol based photographer Olivier Burnside of, his number one time is to make sure that you work to a plan!

Imagine if you had to shoot of your full wedding and reception from your secondary dslr camera tools – and whether or not the lovely couple will probably be pleased about their own shots.

Regardless what they want, consider their plans – even though you may have shot some of the most perfect shots on this planet, the bride to be might choose to observe the picture first, be sure to prevent the wedding off web pages like Youtube.

Show the bride to be to keep the wedding flower arrangements below what appears comfortable the application helps make quite a few fantastic pictures!

By simply following our blog avoiding all of the issues having to do with photography, you’ll be able to to take top-class marriage pictures whenever your wedding couple ask for them. Hopefully, you thought this was an interesting editorial and uncovered a use for it and found use for it and found it helpful!

Let us know what you think inside of the comments.